Gambling Regulation around the World

Gambling is regulated in the United States and in some other parts of the world, but the availability of casinos is increasing in numbers. Governments of different countries acknowledged the huge help of casino industry in the growth of their economy. It can generate more jobs and attract tourists. There are still critics of gambling that blame it as cause of corruption in different government sector, increasing crime rates as well as compulsive gambling. With appearance of online casinos the situation has changed a lot. Today there are more possibilities to gamble, and each gambling game lover can play whenever he wants. In a few words, online gambling make the chances to break the law higher, but at the same time diminishes it. Nevertheless, in online casinos you get more than in traditional ones, so start to play there, grab your bonuses, and enjoy winnings! Have you heard about new Unibet Bonus already?

In United Kingdom, gambling has diverse forms like sports, betting, gaming machines, bingo and different casino games. These games are being offered inside high end brick and mortar casinos or through different online operators. There is Gambling Commission in UK that provides licensed to operators and with the help of local authorities they are successful in regulating gambling in UK. The gambling industry in this country employed a total of 214,000 employees. The industry is paying for betting and gaming duties that reached £1.4 billion during 2009. The gambling industry is very proud of their contribution for the growth of the British economy.

It is good to know that gambling industries are still mindful of their social responsibilities. Operators are given with astringent conditions before they can get their license to operate either online or offline. Some casinos offer protection and help to players who are already addicted to gambling. Government is also providing counseling to gamblers experiencing problems with their habit. They set limitations for prizes as well as stakes to avoid the public from overspending.

If you are in Australia, then gambling laws are very complex and highly regulated. Gambling activity is popular for locals as pastime. The Australian government set rules regarding who can play in an online casino and they provide intricate procedure before a particular company can acquire a license to operate as casino. Interactive Gambling Act 2001 has an objective of regulating all forms of gambling online. This law has been enacted to secure residents from all detrimental effects of gambling. The government only allows few operators to become part of gambling industry. There are offshore operators that can offer their services to Australian residents for as long as they are not directly targeting people from Australia.

Regulations in Online Gambling

Online gambling is heavily regulated by many countries, but it is very hard to monitor because of the anonymous nature of using internet. There are some countries that totally banned online gambling because they are having a hard time to pinpoint players who is singing in to different online casinos. It is very hard to know the real age of players joining online casinos.

If you are interested to play online casinos, then it is important to find out first if your country allows online gambling. It is nice to know that you are on the side of the law than to do something that is against the law. Although online gambling is very hard to regulate, but once you are caught, then you need to face hard consequences. Governments are more friendly with land based casinos as it can be monitored.