Frequent Top Blackjack Questions

If you will consider the number of people playing blackjack, then you can say that this game is really a sought after game inside casinos whether online or offline. First time players of this casino game have lots of questions in mind and they are searching for an answer. Rumors are very easy to spread in casino industry that is why players must learn the truth about this popular casino game. Blackjack game that you can find in brick and mortar casinos does not differ in online casinos, but you need to be very cautious as you look for a reputable online casino. You can avoid losing money if you just appeal to canada's leading casino online rather than deposit your money to an untrustworthy web-site.


Does blackjack provide better odds for players? The answer is yes, but it is still depending on the rules of the game as well as the skill of the player. If you have the basic knowledge about blackjack and you understand its game face, then you will gain better odds. A game with single deck of cards with strip rules that is doubled right after splitting can give players +0.1% advantage over the house. This can happen if the player is using the basic strategy in blackjack. What is the best strategy for blackjack? You need to become aware that not all casinos make use of similar rules, so basic strategy can differ according to casino. The game is affected by the type of deck of cards being used for the game. If you want the best site of basic blackjack strategy, then you can opt for Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin and Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong.


Does blackjack is only for players who are genius in Math? Card counting is considered as the best strategy to win blackjack game, but playing blackjack is not only for people who master card counting. Card counting is not that difficult to understand and it can help players to increase his or her odds in winning. It is not a requirement that you are very good in numbers to play the game. This is a huge misconception that card counting is the only sure fire way to beat the house and win this game. You can actually formulate your own strategy.


Is blackjack better played inside a land based casino? This is just a misconception because the concept of playing this game is very similar whether you play online or inside a brick and mortar casino. You need to know that blackjack played online is more exciting as you can get a lot of freebies and you can also play for free. If you are still not confident with your skill as first time player, then you can choose to play blackjack online and hone your skill right before you try your luck in a land based casino. When should a player opt for blackjack insurance? If you are using basic strategy, then you should not opt for insurance. This is only for card counter as they know if it is profitable or not.