Special Equipment Used in Card Games

One of the special equipment used in card games is the cards. The standard poker playing cards must be used in a card game. In a home game, it is very common to find two decks having distinct backs while unused deck is also shuffled while the hand is progressing. In casinos, the decks are typically changed after few hours and this helps to minimize the wearing out of the cards. Paper cards don’t easily become bent as a player typically reads the hole in the hand by peeking through the corner instead of actually lifting up the card. If the players are advised not to bend the cards, it is possible to preserve the quality of the cards for a much longer time period.

Chips are next line in card games are this refers to the currency used to play the game. It is rather difficult to handle or stack currency and due to this, most card games are played using chips or the coin shaped tokens that are of uniform weight and size. A typical token ranges between 5 and 16 g in weight and about 39 mm wide. The monetary value of tokens is ascertained by their color. Poker chips were traditionally made using bone but modern chips are made with clay. These clay chips are regarded to be an upscale version of the poker chip. Ceramic chips are yet another high end chips variety and you will also find plastic chips as well.

The next in line among special equipment used in card games is the table. Normally, a typical card game is played between two to ten players. To make card picking easier, a table with a padded top is preferred. The other equipment is lammers which are chip shaped, plastic token having some texts written on them. The most commonly used one is the dealer button that has the word ‘D’ or ‘Dealer’ written on the lamer. This equipment is used to indicate the person who will be dealing next. In casinos, lammers are mostly used for indicating the variant being used and indicating who will be paying the blind next. Satellite card game tournaments use lammers as their chips also.

Postilion or cut card refers to a plastic card, thick in size and with the same shape and size like a typical playing card. The deck will be placed on this card by the dealer before he starts dealing the cards. The equipment prevents the cards from being exposed accidentally and aims at ensuring that the game is as fair as possible. You will rarely find a cut card being used in a home game but it is universal equipment in casinos. The time will also be used in card game tournaments and it is used for counting down the period where the game blinds are in certain levels. The blinds will go at a higher level after the timer finally reaches 0:00. Card protectors are the final set of equipment that helps to prevent cards from being discarded accidentally.