What’s the Difference? No Hole Card Blackjack Games

I know you might have played blackjack for long and you possibly tend to know basically al the rules and any other thing related to the casinos. The mix and much set of rules of the normal blackjack game where the dealer can stand on all 17s or hit soft 17 and the freedom of doubling down at you own will are common with everyone.

Do not be taken for a rude shock with the casino no hole card blackjack kind of game for everything seems to be different. In this kind of game, the dealer deals himself in only one card face up, until all the player cards are dealt. Then before you know it, he completes his hand. If you are caught up in this game for the first time you might wander what the hell is wrong with the dealer and how unfair he is, however after a series of exposure you realize one of the best kind of blackjack, special on its own kind. Most probably that is why it is common among the European and Caribbean casinos. This is the kind of game which limits the player’s options and increases the dealer’s options and that makes it a very tricky one in deed.

For instance, if one has a two card 11 and the dealer has a 10 value card face up. In most games, the dealer would check if he has an Ace face down and if he has, the dealer blackjack would stop the hands. In case he does not have, basically the standard strategy will call you to double down on your 11. Regardless to say, this instantly leaves you with two bets on the table, this is to your advantage. This is completely different when the dealer has no hole card. In this scenario, the dealer can check out for blackjack leaving you with no option but to make a second bet. After you have completed your hand, the dealer may draw an Ace to complete the blackjack. If happens, am afraid you are done .In normal circumstances you would only lose a single bet but with this kind of game you will have to part ways with two of your bets! I think that is the major reason for people saying that it is a kind of game that in most cases favor the dealer and is so unfriendly to the player. So before you get caught unawares, know the rules lest you be caught unawares.

The method of dealing has no overall impact on the dealer’s hand. He is getting different cards so sometime it would have been better than when he had taken a hole card at the start but at times it may be worse. It is very important to note that whichever way he chooses, his average hand will always be the same.

This rule is however considered as a negative one among the players especially if the house takes both bets in double down and pair splitting situations if the dealer completes a blackjack.