National Lottery – Gambling or Not?

A lottery is a kind of gambling where lots are drawn for a price that could be of a given monetary amount which might be taxable. While some governments outlaw lottery, others endorse it such that they even organize a state or national lottery. Some refer to national lottery as gambling for a good cause but the truth is that this is a quite a complex issue. The general approach of most governments in support of national lottery is basically in the line of pressing for safeguards in order to protect its people from the kind of harm that could result from this kind of gambling. When left uncontrolled, national lottery could be very harmful and certain people are more so very vulnerable to this kind of harm.

Even though almost everyone seems to accept that national lottery is a form of gambling to a greater extent, there are surely some concerns about it. The first aspect of these concerns touch on scratch cards used to play national lottery. The design and nature of these scratch card games encourage or enable nationals to keep chasing their losses. In the long run, most people take up the risk of gambling and end up losing much more than what they intended to. In addition, national lottery encourage gambling by under age persons. Some jurisdictions/ countries such as Britain allow people below 18 years to participate in national lottery or gambling for that matter. Children aged 16 years can play national lottery and claim their wins when declared as the winner.

One thing that can’t be disputed is that gambling is an activity for adults only and children below 18 years shouldn’t be encouraged to gamble. Past researches have shown that countries where children participate in national lottery end up being addicted to gambling in their early years. Another area of concern as far as national lottery is concerned is the way money is distributed. Lottery money for good causes was initially introduced as an addition aid to government expenditure. Unfortunately, recent times have seen national lottery money being spent increasingly on various government priorities like education and health.

Apart from this, national lottery has completely altered the landscape of funding many jurisdictions. Obtaining partnership funding is very difficult unless you apply to lottery. Wining a jackpot in national lottery can come with some problems. The most notable ones are safety and security risks that results when the winner is announced publicly. In fact, there have been cases where family members have been held for ransom.

The dramatic lifestyle change that comes with winning national lottery can make some winners feel anomie at times. There have also been some arguments by some theorists that national lottery facilitates high degree of social and economic inequality. Also, just like any other kind of gambling, the national lottery is also susceptible to scams and frauds even though the organizers claim that high level of scrutiny is involved. The rigging of the machine during national lottery has always been a major concern in this type of gambling as it tampers with the selection of the winner.