Regional Versions of Blackjack or 21

At times you must just be bored and find yourself in that cyber. With no idea where to start from, you go for the famous Blackjack. But even with that you find it still hectic. Reason? Very simple.

There are different versions of Blackjack available depending on peoples taste. In as much as you might tend to know more about casino but definitely people are always familiar with the type of this fantastic game played in your area. I know it might come as surprise for you that there are different versions of this French game. However, it is never late for before joining the next casino, you will an idea of the numerous versions available worldwide. The most ones include Spanish 21, pontoon, blackjack switch and many more.

Taking a look at Pontoon Blackjack which is basically the widely know n version of this game across many nations, one realizes that it is a unique game on its own. Maybe for the beginners it is vital to note that this kind of game isn’t the normal whole card game for there is no particular time in the course of the game that a dealer will show his cards. The game begins with the dealer checking for a Pontoon hand which is a face plus, a face or a ten card. Another sense of uniqueness comes in when there is a draw in hand value between the dealer and the player. Unlike in the traditional black jack where the glory will be of the player in the event of a tie, with this Pontoon, the dealer carries the day. So before you get into that game, know the rules man, lest you be in for a rude shock.

If you are in need of that game where players can double down any number of their cards while making only a single wager, then go for Spanish 21. This is the kind of game in which the player will always beat the dealers hand regardless of the several combinations that are in place. Whether it is combination of 7 -7-7, or 6-7-8 rules must always be followed. In as much as this game seems to be the Australian Pontoon, there is a slight difference and that comes in the exclusion of ten cards from the deck.

Blackjack switch, another version of the popular blackjack, involves players switching cards at free will in the course of the game. It is however important to note that players are dealt two hands and the exchange of cards is only permitted for the two of them and not the dealer or anyone else. Another difference with this version comes in the payouts which are often 1:1 for a natural game. It is a very interesting version but quit challenging for someone who might not be very well conversant with it.

The other types, Chinese and Elimination Blackjacks are not so common but there is no harm in having a rough idea of them even if it is just the name.