Blackjack Variations

European Chemin de fer

Blackjack games have undergone several changes from place to place and with time over the internet to produce several varieties. All of them have the own blackjack odds and methods of game. Some early versions have simply disappeared after they remained confined to some parts of the world while others have survived till today. European Chemin de fer originated in France and has today assumed the more popular name European Blackjack.

European blackjack is played on two decks and the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17. For all blackjacks the player is always required to get the blackjack of 21 hits. This blackjack variant allows the player to double down on 9 and 11 only. The player can only split once and is not allowed to double down after a split. It gives the house a 0.39% house edge and does not permit surrendering. Its rules are fairly restrictive for many players and that is why players are often encouraged to try and learn more blackjack variants to find out which one suits their situation best.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The Atlantic City Blackjack is a variation of the European blackjack but is played on a shoe with eight decks. The dealer requires a soft 17 such as an Ace and a six while the player's winning hands remain 21. Players are permitted three splits and can double on the first two cards right after a split. This blackjack variation gives the house and advantage of 0.35% and permits a late surrender. The option of a late surrender is one important rule in the game of blackjack and it is better to play a blackjack variant permitting surrender than that which does not. The basic rules require that when the player finds himself on say a hard 17 and stands a greater chance of busting with the next hit then you may consider surrendering especially if the card counting strategy gives you very few odds of winning. Surrendering means you loose half your bet but this is better than loosing everything and you get a chance to try your hands another time.

Double Exposure Blackjack

The Double Exposure gives the house an advantage of 0.69%. This blackjack variation is very popular with many players who think it gives them a bigger advantage considering the fact that both dealer cards are played face up. But there are other restrictions which may make it not at all very advantageous. The dealer pays even cash only and there are no bonuses.