Online Vegas Casinos

Online Vegas casinos are mainly structured along the real Las Vegas casinos. The online version has only moved the casino much closer to us and for our convenience. The online Vegas casino is as exciting as the real casinos in Las Vegas itself. They offer highest welcome bonuses ever offered anywhere else with free slot tournament entries for new players. The online Vegas casinos have superior software which make it possible to run fantastic tournaments online. The tournaments give players a chance to win big monies without having to bet equally high sums of money. The software have moved the blackjack game to another level never envisaged before and many players are having a great time playing blackjack on online Vegas casinos. There are often a lot of types of blackjack bonuses are offered by casinos.

Cleopatra's Place Casinos

Cleopatra's Place casinos offer an exciting variety of gambling games online to standards comparable to online Vegas with strict gaming rules like Nevada's. Blackjack casino games, Baccarat casino games, Caribbean Stud casino games, Video poker casino games, Roulette casino games, among others are available at Cleopatra's Place casino. Their mission is to be number one market leader in the development of online casino software. They have a team of devoted researchers working day and night to develop new online casino software to quell the thirst of online casino enthusiasts. Their products are worth considering and their varieties of online blackjack is even greater. It is worthwhile taking your time to try out the some of the blackjack variations available from Cleopatra's Place casino.

Bodog Casino

Bodog casino founded in 1994 with its head office in Antigua in the Caribbean islands. Its subsidiary, Bodog Europe exclusively licensed to use the use the Bodog brand in Europe. Bodog offers world class sports betting services. It offers over 80 web based casino games which are simple to download and easy to play. It runs vibrant and exciting poker casinos similar to Las Vegas blackjack casinos. Bodog Europe features a wide variety of online gambling games including sports betting and multi-player online poker community. Its betting tournaments includes various games and leagues around the world. Bodog Europe also features Texas Holdem, Omaha, -Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 -Card Stud, 7- Card Stud Hi/Lo among others. There are actually a variety of online games to find from Bodog both from its parent corporation in Antigua and the subsidiary in Europe. From the look of things one can only say there is more to expect from Bodog given the commitment they have shown towards taken online gambling to higher levels.