Women Winners of Card Casino Games

Women and card casino games are inseparable. Even if a woman isn’t actually playing the card games at a casino, you will see her accompanying a make card pro. However, women card game players have also proved that their role in casinos is not just to pamper men as they have provided evidence as to why they are exactly still a force to reckon with in these game and are able to compete successfully with top class card playing men. Many women have taken part in some of the major poker events in the world like WSOP and in fact, some of these women have their WSOP bracelets as well. Don’t be surprised to know that there is also a special WSOP event only for women.

Jennifer Harman and Annie Duke can be said to be the living card game legends. The women, more so Annie Duke and her likes have made a major contribution and have significantly influenced development of card games. Another woman by the name of Annette Obrestad made history after she became the youngest player to ever get the WSOPE bracelet. Kathy Liebert is commonly regarded by many as the mother of poker and card games and she is the leading women professional card games money winner. During the Poker World Series held in 2004, Kathy won $1500 for Hold’ Em shoot Event. She claimed a paycheck of $110, 180 that gave her an express ticket to join the World Series elite bracelet winners. In total, Kathy has won nearly six million dollars in card casino games.

Vanessa Selbst has a lifetime earnings of nearly 5 million dollars by playing card games. She has also won many games in various table evens and she also owns her own WSOP bracelet that she won in 2008. Another very famous name in the world of card casino games is Annie Duke with earnings of over 4 million dollars to- date. She is a famous name in poker that has made her accumulate many nicknames that has made her stellar, long poker career an illustrious one. You will hear some card game fans refer to her as Annie Legend, The Duchess of Poker and The Duke.

Born in Norway, Annette Obrestad made her first interaction with casino card games when she was only 15. In 2007, she was the youngest player to ever win the WSOP bracelet aged just 18 years old. Better known by many as Lady Maverick, her screen name at pokerstars.com, Vanessa Rousso has won over 3 million dollars playing card games. Currently a student at University of Miami studying French American Law, Vanessa is not only a professional card player but is also a recognized card teacher. She runs her card game school called Big Slick Boot Camp at she teaches how to combine game theory and strategies to win a card game. The last woman card casino game winner in our list is Jennifer Harman Traniello who has accumulated life time winnings of nearly $3 million.