How to Behave on the Casino Floor

If you are a beginner in the world of casino gambling, you should know that there is more to gambling than just knowing about the casino game’s rules. Some rules such as how you should behave on the casino floor are not stated anywhere but knowing about them is going to save you from some embarrassing situations. In fact, misbehaving on casino floor might even lead you to being disqualified from a game and perhaps being banned from visiting the casino again. To start with, sometimes you can go to a casino but with no intentions of placing a bet rather you just want to kill time and watch other players gamble. If this is the case, make sure that you are not sitting at the casino table. The seats you see at the table are precisely reserved for the players only and not game admirers or what you may call them.

In fact, in some tables like blackjack table, you will find some players playing more than just one hand meaning that some empty seats next to such players might not be open as per see. So, check this first but to be on the safe side, don’t sit at the casino table unless you are playing. If you have decided that you want to play a game, don’t simply hand over your money to the casino dealer. Just place your cash on the table otherwise other players might think that you are bribing the dealer which is of course not the case. Some casinos, most of them actually offer free drinks but only to the players. So, if you are on the casino floor just watching a game, please don’t expect that a free drink will be coming your way soon. You can only get a free drink if you pay the full price otherwise casinos are not charitable organizations where you can get free stuff.

Sometimes, winning a game is always a moment worth celebrating and some players are tempted to take some photos of their winning bets. Regardless of whether this is your first time to win a game and you are very happy, do not take photos. This is highly prohibited in most casinos and you might not just embarrassed for doing it but the dealer and casino management won’t take it kindly either. In addition, you should also be very careful to ensure that you don’t enter the casino pit area. If you have no idea what a pit area is, this means an area that is encircled by the tables. You will so such an area as you will see some serious looking casino floor supervisors pacing back and forth. In some casinos, they will use velvet ropes to mark off the area but others will just leave it open and assuming that you are wise enough not to go there. Finally, if you are going to the casino to gamble, don’t carry your kids along as only people over 21 years are allowed in a casino.