Winning Blackjack - What Good Players Know About Winnings

A study has shown that casino games such as blackjack are beatable. In point of fact, it has been proven that one can narrow the house advantage to a paltry 5% if they get a mastery of a few counting techniques. While it is common knowledge that everyone is not a mathematician, it is also wise to understand that the principle within which the casino operates is a mathematical one. This thereby necessitates one to have a good mastery of elementary counting skills if they are looking to increase their odds. The most elementary method that has always been used by many is the one where they keep track of the ten cards and the aces. While at this technique it is imperative that you ensure it is as simple as possible. This thereby means that you stick to the cards only while not paying attention to the rest. This helps you increase your chances by pitting the numbers of cards that have been played against those that haven’t all the while ensuring that you do not lose focus of the game. This will also ensure that the speed with which the game is played does not get away from you.

While having good counting skills is imperative, it is also wise to understand that your luck in the game will fluctuate wildly from time to time. This therefore means that one should be careful not to make large drops that will eventually fail to weather the predictable storms. It is possible to make big drops which eventually yield some results but it is wise to understand that they usually come with calculated risks in addition to luck.

You should also learn to disguise your abilities. You have to bear in mind that you are playing against the house which in this case wants to ensure that they make the best out of any game. If the house realizes that your bets explode each time the shoe is down then you will soon have them breathing down your neck. Should you have some good luck then think about ways that you can spread them by ensuring that you move from property to property. Most casinos have found ways to mark their shoes so they know exactly when to set the cut card on you. You might however be lucky if you realize that you are playing against dealers whose companies have provided them with clear cut policies only. There are those times when the dealers get lazy and as a result moving their cards up on some evenings. These are some of the subtle arrangements that they player can bank on. But this will require that you make your move as soon as you sense an opening given that they do not stay open for long.

You should also know that progressive betting does not in anyways change the house edge. What it only manages to do is to increase the volatility of your bets thereby swinging the fortunes in your favor.