Some Funny Facts on Blackjack Gaming

Blackjack is amazingly popular with most players because this fast paced, fun game doesn’t leave players at the mercies of the unforgiving odds, but offers everyone an opportunity to shine and pocket winnings via skill. Most people of course know so much about blackjack and most players will not only tell you how the game is played but also even the number of blackjack variations available. However, you might be surprised that you don’t really know much about this game as you presume to know. Here is a highlight of some funny facts on blackjack gaming that will definitely make your day.

  • Blackjack game uses two terms that were borrowed from the popular game of baseball. The ‘first base’ refers to the position on the dealer’s left while the position on the right of the dealer is the ‘third base’. This means that blackjack game doesn’t have the ‘second base’ as many would assume.
  • Who invented blackjack game? A great dispute exists among the French and Italians as to exactly who invented this game. While the truth might not be well known, it is widely believed that the French are credited for this invention.
  • Originally, blackjack game was known as vingt-et-un, a French word for 21.
  • There are documents to prove that napoleon was a great fan of blackjack game. He frequently played blackjack game when he had some time to kill when he was exiled in both St. Helena and Elba.
  • Blackjack got this game in early 1900s and the game is now over 500 years old. During this time, the player would get a bonus when the acne of spades in the game appeared together with a jack of spades or clubs.
  • According to statistics collected, a player has a high likelihood of losing the game if he or she doubles down. However, in case you happen to win, chances are high that you will win as twice as much and in the end; it is believed that doubling is after all a great idea.
  • The average advantage of dealer’s hand in blackjack is slightly better than 18. As such, if a player happens to exactly get 18 on each hand they play, you will end up losing all the money you bet. This means that hitting more regularly that you might probably think is good.
  • Games having fewer decks are more preferred for the players. Generally, you will more often get blackjack and you will thus win much more double downs. Casinos of course know about this and games having fewer decks thus offer rules that are slightly balanced to ensure that things are well balanced out.
  • There is Blackjack Hall of Fame, housed in San Diego in California by Barona Casino. Each inductee to the hall of fame gets lifetime comps for drink, food and full room at this casino provided they promise that they will never play a game at Barona casino’s tables.

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